Women supporting women

Running a clothing store in southern Saskatchewan in the 1990s, Judy Dobson saw an opportunity: to share her store as the dedicated setting for breast cancer survivors’ mastectomy fittings. Empathizing with the physical and emotional strife of breast loss, she couldn’t understand why women were being ushered into the dimly lit employee lunchrooms of pharmacies for fittings.

In time, Judy moved to the West Coast, where her Amoena representative asked her if she was interested in acquiring a business. What followed was a fitting retirement project for Judy: running a new kind of shop, one dedicated exclusively to mastectomy fittings, breast forms and specialty bras, welcoming women in all stages of recovery and from all walks of life.

Judy’s eldest daughter, Sherri Edwards, acquired the family business with the same spirit to support women. Today, Just You Boutique serves women across Vancouver Island and Canada. With professional fittings in our Victoria, BC location, we’re dedicated to helping women find the perfect fit—and we’re honoured to play a small part in your story.

Sherri Edwards

Owner and certified mastectomy fitter behind Just You Boutique, Sherri Edwards began her career in social services. The fabric of her experience shares a common thread: she’s a natural people person with a soft spot for helping others, and she describes every day at Just You Boutique as a welcome opportunity to make a difference in the life of another woman.